ResolveTO brings together the best and brightest startup founders and corporate innovators for a can’t-miss look at industry disruption, evolving business models, and emerging technologies.

Highline BETA provides an actionable playbook to effectively bridge corporates and startups to co-create new ventures. We're excited to curate the “Corporate-Startup Connection Zone” at ResolveTO and help executives take their first steps toward Startup Co-Creation. We're still working on the details (which we'll share soon), but here's what you need to know for now:

  • We'll have a handful of corporates in the Corporate-Startup Connection Zone looking to meet with startups. Areas of interest include: FinTech, Insurance, and Media (but not exclusively.)
  • The Zone will be open ~12-5pm on January 26 and 27th.
  • Startups will have 10-20 minutes to pitch their startups and meet the leading corporate innovators in Canada.
  • Startups can be stage agnostic, although we'll put an emphasis on earlier stage / pre-seed / seed companies.
  • The goal is to accelerate partnership opportunities between corporates and startups.

You can get a 20% discount on your ResolveTO ticket using the code “HighlineBeta”, or just click here to register.

Highline BETA is also committing to invest a minimum of $25,000 in one of the startups that pitches in the Corporate-Startup Connection Zone. We'll be in attendance, listening to pitches (and asking questions!), but also using feedback from our corporate partners. Ideally we'll invest in a startup that begins forging a meaningful and awesome partnership with one of our corporate partners.

ResolveTO is going to be an awesome event. And through our launch of the Corporate-Startup Connection Zone, Highline BETA will lead the way in bringing startups and corporates together in new and exciting ways. If you're a startup looking to pitch corporates, stay tuned! We'll be sharing our corporate partners soon and providing more information on what we're looking for.

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