Imagine a world where new graduates are equipped with the digital skills needed to make it in today’s knowledge economy, and companies struggling to hire digital talent can find all-star new hires quickly and easily. The Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E) believes that the first step to that world is addressing Canada’s “tech gap” through new, innovative and collaborative solutions. 

Our recent study The Talented Mr. Robot: The Impact of Automation on Canada's Workforce found that over the next 10 to 20 years, 42% of the Canadian labour force is at a high risk of being affected by automation – the replacement of workers by technology and computerization. 

For years, automation has been restricted to routine, manual tasks.  The more recent rise of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics means that automation is now entering the realm of cognitive, non-routine tasks and occupations, such as driving and conducting job interviews.

Futureproofing our young people will require a high degree of digital literacy – the ability to work alongside machines and fully exploit their capabilities. 

Within Canada it is anticipated that there will be a need to hire an additional 182,000 workers with digital skills by 2020.  We believe that young people offer an opportunity to fill that talent gap, but engaging with this demographic and providing them with the skill sets they need to compete, find meaningful work within the digital economy is a challenge. 

Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E) is hosting the “Filling the Tech Gap” Challenge in partnership with the City of Toronto @ ResolveTO and inviting participants to share their ideas how how best to engage our next generation of tech talent to acquire the skills they need for the future of work.

Win-Win: How do we help young people develop digital literacy skills while filling Toronto’s tech talent gap?

We want to explore how the digital skills shortage – the “tech gap” – affects the growth and operations of corporations, and what we can do to fill that gap.


The most insightful ideas and solutions will have an opportunity to work with The City of Toronto and the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship to develop your ideas further.

We’re  excited by the possibility of partnerships with individuals and organizations that want to be part of the solution and address Canada’s tech gap.


BII+E is a new, independent and nonpartisan institute, housed within Ryerson University, that is dedicated to making Canada the best country in the world to be an innovator or an entrepreneur. BII+E supports this mission in three ways: insightful research and analysis; testing, piloting and prototyping projects; which informs BII+E’s leadership and advocacy on behalf of innovation and entrepreneurship across the country.