Written by Aqsa Safdar

As an Human Resources Consultant, I was thrilled to assist recruiting the best team players to join ICUBE and its start up teams.

My first day as an intern consisted of representing ICUBE at the UTM’s Career Fair in January. I was eager to engage with various students and recent graduates and encourage them to consider ICUBE for work, co-op and internships opportunities. Not only did I obtain the opportunity to be one of the representatives for ICUBE but also gained the experience of being on the other side of the wall as a recruiter! It felt extremely rewarding to help my fellow peers learn about potential prospects they can experience within an innovative environment.


This led to the careful assessment and selection of countless applicants. Looking at key points such as significant skills, job experience and qualifications allowed me to gain the perspective of a recruiter.With various work opportunities opening at ICUBE, I was responsible for designing job descriptions for a number of positions including part-time and work-studies. My very first description was for the position of an Assistant Communications and Program Coordinator. This role merged the responsibilities of a program coordinator and communications specialist. By utilizing my educational knowledge and with the right set of structure, language and tone according to ICUBE’s benchmark, we received 70+ applicants from various recruitment platforms.

With ICUBE’s welcoming and friendly environment, this experience is certainly unforgettable. It has been a great time working at ICUBE and with its amazing team members. I received the opportunity to enhance my current skills along with gaining new skill sets such as talent assessment and an innovative mindset, preparing me for career prospects. This internship experience has definitely been the highlight of my school year!