Graduates nominated at the top of their class from OCAD University, Carleton University, and Humber College have the opportunity to pitch their thesis projects and compete for top awards. 

This year, OCADU Students represented 7 of 25 shortlisted student works and Richard Revie and Samantha Vanveen went home with three awards!

Primo – 2 ACIDO rocket category awards one for sports & recreation

“Primo provides a product, service, and social platforms to guide beginners through the challenges harnessing their behavior in a constructive pathway to optimize their success and safety.”

Richard Revie was supervised by ID faculty members Jules Goss and David Quan.

More info on his product can be found here

Azalea- Design for incontinence

1 Category award in Health & Wellness

Samantha Vanveen supervised by ID faculty members Job Rutgers and Ranee Lee

“Approximately twenty-five percent of North America’s population experiences incontinence, whether it’s a temporary or ongoing problem. Since the majority of these people are women, the goal is to provide a sustainable solution that allows the user to go about their day without the stress existing disposable products impart.”

More info on her product can be found here

All the shortlisted Rocket of OCADU entries can be found here: