Between January 25th and 27th the City of Toronto will be collaborating with ResolveTO to deliver a festival that brings together the startup community with corporate innovators to look at innovation, disruption and emerging markets.

The festival will include a range of speakers, workshops and pitch competitions, but the emphasis will be on corporate and societal challenges that engage the startup and innovation community on finding solutions. The event will feature up to 15 ‘speed dating zones' offering a variety of curated opportunities for both startups and enterprise alike. StartUp HERE Toronto will host a zone and put forward a challenge to be solved.

The City of Toronto, and the other 50 plus business support organizations in the Greater Toronto Area, field thousands of emails and calls annually from those interested in developing their business ideas. The City alone fields over 25,000 inquiries through its Enterprise Toronto Small Business Centres. Many of these questions are similar and basic in nature and staff spend time responding to each individually.

Our Challenge Statement:

StartUp HERE Toronto challenges the innovation community to build a BOT that can learn and respond to the business startup and growth inquiries on

Up for Grabs:

The winning solution can receive up to $25,000 to design and implement their proposed solution. 

I'm a startup/innovator – How can I solve this challenge?

The StartUp HERE Toronto team will be located in the Speed Dating Zone at ResolveTO and will have mentors on hand to provide insight into the challenge.

On the afternoon of January 27th from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. a panel of judges will hear pitches from startups/innovators who have solutions to this challenge. One solution will be selected at the end of ResolveTO.

Join us at ResolveTO to learn, network and solve challenges. Register for ResolveTO today and receive 20% off.