The City of Toronto and Fundica, a leading funding identification and connection platform for Canadian businesses, have announced that the City has adopted the Fundica Funding API to help entrepreneurs in Toronto efficiently identify the best funding programs for their specific situations and needs.

Entrepreneurs can access Fundica’s resources right on the StartUp Here Toronto website. Whether an entrepreneur is looking for funding, training, the next tech meetup, or what incubator programs to apply to, all of this information is listed on the site for local companies to easily access.

The City of Toronto, also a partner of the 2018 Fundica Roadshow, is using the Fundica Funding API to provide Toronto entrepreneurs with easy and up-to-date access to relevant grants, tax credits, and other government incentives.

“We are excited to have the largest city in Canada adopt our Funding API,” said Fundica President Mike Lee. “Toronto is working hard to improve access to funding for entrepreneurs, and we’re glad that our intelligent funding discovery, tracking, and matching technology will be able to accelerate this process.”

“Adopting Fundica’s Funding API was a clear way to ease access to a range of funding, and we look forward to doing even more with Fundica to help entrepreneurs in Toronto grow their businesses,” said Chris Rickett, Manager of Entrepreneurship Services with the City of Toronto.

StartUp Here Toronto's funding database – powered by Fundica's Funding API – can be found at: