Founded in 1879, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) quickly garnered a reputation as “the place” where people came to experience the latest innovations. 

From the early days of electric railways transportation and demonstrations of the telephone, to more recent technologies such as virtual reality, the CNE has introduced the public to several groundbreaking innovations.

This continues in 2018 with the CNE Emerging Innovators Pitch Competition.

Canada’s brightest young innovators will converge in the CNE Innovation Garage over three days  (August 17 – 19, 2018) to pitch their cutting edge inventions, as they compete for prize money and in-kind services.

Pitch Competition Categories
  1. Health and Wellness: In this category competitors will present solutions to everyday health and wellness concerns of the general public. There will be a focus on the aging population and accessibility
  2. Women Entrepreneurs: This category will feature start-ups that are created and/or owned by women. The scope of the companies is diverse and not restricted to a specific theme.
  3. Indigenous Entrepreneurs: This category will feature start-ups and early stage companies that are created and/or owned by members of the Indigenous community. The scope of the companies is diverse and not restricted to a specific theme.
  4. Travel and Leisure: This category will feature start-ups that focus on the travel, leisure, and tourism fields including but not limited to apps related to food and social interaction to products or services linked to travel or entertainment.
  5. Home and Everyday Life: In this category, start-ups that focus on innovations in the home and day-to-day living will be featured. Everything from mechanics to a connected home and app-based learning can be included.
  6. Kids Technology: This category will feature companies focussed on the health/education/entertainment of children. It can include everything from physical commodities to app-based learning, to coding, to emotional wellness.
  7. Agriculture and Urban Farming: In this category, start-ups focused on agriculture and food technology will be featured. This category could include both commercial and home solutions.

Top winners of each category will win a $5000.00 cash prize and will go on to compete in the Ontario Semi-Finals on August 19.

Top two winners of the Ontario and Alberta Semi-Finals will compete in the National Finals on August 19, 2018 for the top prize of $25,000.00!

The entry form for the CNE Innovation Garage Pitch Competition can be found online.

Photo via the CNE