The Fundica Roadshow, a cross-Canada pitch competition that gives select entrepreneurs the chance to pitch to a panel of funders, is partnering with Panache Ventures, Canada's most active seed stage venture capital fund, to offer up to $500,000 in investments to Canada’s most promising startups.

The Fundica Roadshow is the largest pitch competition across Canada. Last year, it brought together more than 150 startups, 2000 attendees, 132 funders, and 125 partners.

The 2018 Fundica Roadshow will stop in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. In each city, up to 20 select entrepreneurs will get to pitch to a panel of funders, with the top pitchers in each city winning prizes and an invitation to the finale in Montreal.

At the finale, startups will receive investment consideration from Panache Ventures, for up to a total amount of $500,000.

“The Fundica Roadshow is a great opportunity for us,” says Mike Cegelski, Managing Partner, Panache Ventures. “It provides a unique one-stop opportunity to meet the most ambitious start-ups in the country.”

Over the past six years, the Fundica Roadshow has supported Canadian startups that have secured over $80 million in follow-up investment, including VRvana, Edusight, and Skip the Dishes.

“The Fundica Roadshow brings entrepreneurs, funders and investors together in cities across Canada,” says Mike Lee, Eng., MBA, CFA, President, Fundica. “We are very proud of the results from past years where about a third of entrepreneurs were offered funding and a similar percentage of funders made investments, in the three months following the last stop. We hope to beat these numbers in 2018. I would like to thank our partners across Canada for their collaboration and support.”

The Fundica Roadshow visits Montreal on May 1st, Vancouver on May 31st, and Toronto on June 28th. For more information, or to attend or apply, please visit