The Digital Finance Institute is pleased to announce that the City of Toronto has proclaimed its Canada FinTech Week from August 12-15, 2019 as “FinTech Week”. 

“Having Toronto support FinTech Week is fantastic for continuing to build Toronto as a FinTech & AI hub,” says Ellis Odynn, Executive Director of the Digital Finance Institute. For many years other FinTech hubs around the world have launched a FinTech Week which has been successful in allowing companies to scale, to drive investment, and in giving those countries an important place on the global FinTech map as innovation leaders. 

“People from all around the world contact the Institute for FinTech investment advice and information on Canada, and because we have played a role for over 5 years as Canada’s FinTech ambassador, we decided to launch FinTech Week in Toronto to synergize across the themes of FinTech, AI and innovation.” The inaugural Canada FinTech Week features an incredible array of international speakers from the United Nations, the World Bank, Genesys, Citi Bank, International Monetary Fund, Aga Khan Foundation,, Zwipe, Google, Symantec, ACAMS, Sinch and many Canadian companies hit the stage as well, including Interac, IBM, Ontario Securities Commission, BNN Bloomberg, MasterCard, Ubisoft, KPMG, Accenture, MaRS Discovery District, Vacation Fund, Planswell and many more.

“We are grateful for the support we are getting for Canada FinTech Week, including from Audi, which joins us as the responsible ride partner, as well as our partners Genesys, IBM, Interac, KPMG, Accenture, Wildeboer Dellelce LLP, Sinch, nanopay, MaRS Discovery District,” says Odynn. 

Canada FinTech Week brings insight from global thought leaders and engaging entrepreneurs, investors and innovators on various cool topics from solving financial inclusion, eSports, Women in Tech, a session exploring how Blockchain is being used for Holocaust asset recovery, financial innovation, voice driven technology, VR and AI, alternate lending, payments innovation, future banking, open banking and responsible innovation. 

“This year is especially meaningful for the Digital Finance Institute – we are celebrating our 5th anniversary in Toronto with a scotch tasting VIP party to launch Canada FinTech Week, and it allows us to bring together Toronto’s FinTech ecosystem and our international speakers under one roof, to celebrate the journey of the Digital Finance Institute and Canada’s inaugural FinTech Week. As an organization, we celebrate Canadian innovation and this year, it’s great to bring the ecosystem together for a week-long recognition of Canadian innovators.” 

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