On November 27th, LatAm Startups – a non-profit corporation based in Toronto and focused on helping startups scale – is hosting “The Five Best Tech Business Ideas From Newcomers” event.

The competition to looking to select the best ideas from new residents and citizens of Canada, those that are looking forward in becoming the next tech entrepreneur in the Toronto ecosystem.

LatAm Startups was awarded recently the “Success Entrepreneur Award”, a prize given by Startup Canada and TruShield, and it has now created a two-week bootcamp for newcomers seeking to launch tech businesses. Winners of the Five Best Tech Business Ideas From Newcomers competition will be granted access to this bootcamp in December.

“LatAm Startups have been able to build and deliver several bootcamps for international entrepreneurs,” says Miryam Lazarte, CEO at LatAm Startups. “Now LatAm Startups’ community has the opportunity to work with people from all kind of backgrounds and different nationalities bringing more diversity and inclusion to the ecosystem” 

Newcomers who are interested in pitching at the event, are invited to register online as soon as possible!

Anyone interested in attending the competition can register FREE in the LatAm Startups Meetup Group.

For more information on the competition please [email protected].