The Entrepreneurial Feminist Forum takes place on Sunday, December 2 and Monday, December 3, 2018, at Daniels Spectrum in Toronto.

Attendees will be able to to explore feminist approaches to enterprise design, product and service innovation, operating practices, strategic planning, and more with over 200 participants. Workshops are both “think and do” oriented. 

The Entrepreneurial Feminist Forum will also feature foundational talks that aim to provoke, inform, and inspire attendees to think about current issues, futures, and ideas about how to advance the UN's sustainable development goals via a feminist lens. The event's full agenda and complete list of speakers is available at

The event showcases and celebrates the voices of feminist business practitioners of all genders and identities. Topics include feminist theory/thought leadership, feminist business design, governance practices, urban feminist ecosystems, how to market like a feminist, the state of women's entrepreneurship, how to start a cannabis enterprise, how to find funding for your feminist enterprise, an update on women in business policy initiatives, business, politics, and activism, and much more.

Tickets are available online.