The UnCo Summit is a conference and  experience for women entrepreneurs, held over two days at the inspirational Artscape Wychwood Barns in Toronto. With a packed program of powerful keynotes, intimate fireside chats, lively panel discussions, and breakout masterclass sessions, the Unco Summit is larger than your average business event.

The event is happening on Thursday September 20th and Friday September 21st. The regular price of the summit is $350, but StartUp HERE Toronto readers can use promo code TORONTOXUNCO to gain access to a special price of $225.

The UnCo Summit invites women entrepreneurs, intreprenuers and wantreprenuers for a two-day summit and collision course for women to make, create and thrive.

The summit is for women who are redefining success and work on their own terms. From fireside chats, panels, and studio sessions; the UnCo summit is for the shameless idealist and the person who wants to transform their dreams, optimism, and connections into entrepreneurial action, profit, and social impact.

The UnCo Summit gathers speakers and talent committed to the experience: to learn, educate, speak and create. Hosting mavens of the digital space to create unique and special experiences for guests, the UnCo Summit is for the woman who wants to leave her mark on the world. Being part of the experience means being part of something grand and leaving with more knowledge, connections and inspirations than you came with, all in a 36-hour span.

Speakers include Huda Idrees, Founder of Dot Health; Brandi Leifso, CEO of Evio Beauty Group;  Mallory Green, CSR at Wealthsimple; Eva Wong, Co-founder of Borrowell, and Iana Ben Ari, Founder of 21 Toys. 

Packed with tools and inspiration, the UnCo Summit provides the toolkit to map out your year ahead and beyond.

It’s an exciting time to be a woman in Toronto. Women-owned businesses are getting more support and funding than ever. Millennial women are the fastest-growing entrepreneurial segment in the world right now.  We’re creating and collaborating like never before, and this is just the start. This is happening. And it’s not just the momentum. The studies show it too.  According to a study conducted by Boston Consulting Group,  startups founded by women performed better than male-founded startups over time. Despite being largely underfund, female-led startups generated 10% more revenue.

The UnCo Summit is a choice to stand out from the ordinary and be extraordinary. It’s a decision to build something that matters. More information and tickets can be found online at: