By David Silverberg

When Libby Garg moved to Toronto from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia to manage a Freshii franchise, she witnessed first-hand the challenges many store managers face.

“It was difficult to know which employees should be compensated at what level, and to verify automatically if a potentially employee is telling the truth about their work experience,” she says in an interview. “And our team didn’t have the bandwidth to verify every staffer’s work experience.”

That roadblock gave Garg and her husband Davin an idea: Build an HR company that can seamlessly pay staff and create an all-in-one solutions package to manage teams under one umbrella. Plus, this system can check a potential employee’s CV when they apply.

WorkSolute, based in Liberty Village, has already enjoyed impressive success since it was founded in August 2016. Garg says the startup has secured 300 clients, including high-profile brands such as Pet Valu, Domino’s, Panago and Freshii.

The technology embedded in their service lets employers backwards-verify an applicant’s resume via data points WorkSolute collects. The company can also measure a staffer’s punctuality and reliability once they are hired, as well as automate payroll.

Garg says WorkSolute acts as a timely assistant for employers navigating Ontario’s recently passed Bill 148, also known as the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act. The sweeping reforms in Ontario’s labour laws don’t just increase the minimum wage to $15 but also include revamped rules on scheduling, paid leave, equal pay for equal work and much more.

Garg notes “there are many new regulations for employers to navigate and track to ensure their team is paid what is necessary to maintain team morale and compliance with legislation.  We have been playing a pivotal role as the primary touch point on many of these questions for our clients.”

WorkSolute’s business model works by offering pricing tiers for clients,  based on the number of employees the HR company needs to manage. The company currently operates Canada-wide but intends to go global in the next few years.

“Our goal is to make the hiring process less stressful,” Garg says, “because employers have so many other things to worry about.”

WorkSolute plans to launch an app later in the year to better curate all the services they provide to clients. Garg says they are also in the process of “developing a hiring and HR module that will streamline the hiring process which is a key pain point for employers, and employees, in the industries we target.”

As to what Garg finds fulfilling about managing WorkSolute, she says it’s satisfying to watch her clients grow along with WorkSolute. “And we support our clients, like going to Pet Valu for food for our dog, or heading to Panago’s for a slice of pizza.  It’s a very motivating process to have the privilege to be a part of. “

Five years from now Garg would like to see WorkSolute “become a household name in Canada, not just for employers but also employees.”

Photo: David Silverberg