Written by Stuart Foxman

Ever since Limor Markman started getting allowance as a child, she has been fascinated with how money works. She says her parents instilled in her the value of a dollar. When she eventually worked in the banking industry, marketing financial products, Markman says she saw “how banks made money and customers made mistakes”. So she now aims to help people put more money in their pockets.

The Toronto money expert has a few ways of doing this. Markman started making real estate investments while working in the banking industry, and six years ago decided to do that full time. To share what she has learned, Markman teaches people how to become real estate investors themselves.

She focuses on two areas. There’s private lending (for homebuyers who may not qualify with traditional lenders), and rent-to-own (where you put up some money for what Markman calls “homeowners in training”. 

The returns can be impressive, says Markman: 9-15% a year for private lending, and 14-20% for rent-to-own deals.

Besides teaching people how to enter the field, and do things like read financials and contracts, Markman offers timely support. “I become their mentor on speed dial as they do their first deal,” she says.

She says her role is to educate and empower. “I educate people on how to understand the real estate industry and do advanced strategies, and empower them to make decisions when faced with the deal.”

Markman also offers a wealth of general financial advice via her website, limor.money. There, you’ll find information on topics like credit and debt, financial planning, housing, investing, retirement, and saving and spending.

The site also includes a series of videos, a downloadable worksheet to improve your finances, and a free ebook called The Game Changing Financially Fabulous Strategies That No One Ever Told You.

Markman believes that everyone can achieve financial independence. Her greatest satisfaction is helping others get what it takes to have a more financially secure future. To succeed financially, Markman knows that anyone needs the right advice – and that includes herself.

She works with One More Woman, an educational, training and consulting platform. The organization, run by Jennifer Love, helps female business owners to grow as leaders and better manage money.

Markman has been part of the group for a year. Every week she takes part in calls and discussions, and gets to share business challenges.

In running your own venture, Markman says you work tirelessly and become very internally focused. Being exposed to what other entrepreneurs are going through has been a terrific education.

“It’s a great environment to have support from other female entrepreneurs,” she says.

 Photo credit: Zlatko CetinicImages Made Real