Written by David Silverberg

When Lindsey Goodchild was working in as a server at a high-end restaurant chain, she faced a critical problem:  she became frustrated by the lack of ongoing communications and often felt on the outside looking on new campaigns and menu items.

She says in an interview, “One particular time, there was a new feature on the menu that had been advertised on TV but was not shared very well internally. I had been away from the restaurant writing exams, and when I returned, I was serving some of our regular customers who asked for the new feature.” Feeling misinformed and at a loss for works, Goodchild couldn’t provide the level of service she knew could offer to her customers.

Rather than endure this communication gap, Goodchild built a business to solve it. Nudge Rewards creates a B2B app allowing companies primarily in hospitality and retail to message their front-line workers.

“Through our platform, organizations can plan and schedule campaigns that will be delivered directly to their employees' smartphones, whether their objective is to have a successful product launch, increase sales on a promotion, or to improve operational efficiency,” Goodchild, the company’s CEO and co-founder, notes. For example, she adds, Compass Group was able to see a 7% lift in average check size while using Nudge to drive a culture of selling amongst their associates. 

Nudge Rewards’ clients include Samsung, Rogers, Golf Town and Choice Hotels.

The Nudge team doesn’t write the content for its clients, but may offer suggestions on what to message to its employees, such as news about upcoming products. All staff for a company can be informed about a new policy, for example, or an event that may be of interest to staffers. As with any app, using it is optional, but Goodchild says adoption rates among company employees can be as high as 85%.

Gamification, where games can be created to offer employees rewards, is another layer to the app. Staff can answer trivia about a new company rollout, for example, and see their name climb up on the leaderboard.

“Our app lets executives look across their entire organization and analyze the competency rates of their frontline staff around any given campaign,” Goodchild says.

The system is designed to boost more than morale. “Our customers have been able to accomplish a variety of goals, from driving sales objectives, to reducing turnover, increasing employee knowledge, or even implementing new brand values,” says Goodchild.

Venture capitalists are taking notice of Nudge Rewards. It raised a $5 million Series A to expand across North America, and Goodchild says they plan to expand their staff and their physical space, moving up one floor at its Toronto HQ.

Goodchild and co-founder Dessy Daskalov have a lot on their plate so what keeps Goodchild from feeling overwhelmed? She answers quickly: “It’s incredible to show up with a team you cherish and admire because they’re brilliant and passionate about what they do.”

Photo Courtesy: Nudge Rewards