Written by: Stuart Foxman

At a time when every industry is being transformed by new technology, anyone can come up with ideas. But will they work in the market?

“There’s all kind of cool tech out there – the ability to create value from it is the magic,” says Andrew Kieran, Vice President of Toronto’s Prodigy Labs.

That’s precisely what his company sets out to do.

Prodigy Labs is part of Prodigy Ventures. The parent company has two related operations. The Venture Builder division does early stage investments in emerging technologies. That includes platforms and apps pertaining to mobile, video, secure ID, voice services, blockchain, biometrics, artificial intelligence, payments, augmented reality, big data and more.

On the other side, Prodigy Labs delivers enterprise services, from architecture and design, to developing, testing and implementing new technologies.

As Kieran explains, the goal is to drive digital transformation – and do it fast.

For example, Prodigy enabled enterprise clients to rapidly test and adopt Verified.Me from SecureKey. That technology is a way for users to verify their identity and get quick access to the services and products they want (online, in person and on the phone). Prodigy’s work here is helping to build Canada’s digital identity ecosystem.

From Agile coaching to technical services, Prodigy Lab’s efforts help to upend traditional models. Another Prodigy project, for instance, involved the launch of iVideo. This technology combines user-generated video content with everyday payment mechanisms. So users can add high-quality selfie greetings to money transfers in an e-payment app. That adds emotional and social value to the e-gifting experience.

Prodigy Labs is a leader in app developments for both iOS and Android, as well as in full stack and micro-services development for financial services, media and retail.

Consumers may not know the Prodigy name. Yet as the company notes, when people pay for their coffee with their Apple Watch, use Siri to pay a bill or stream a TV show to their mobile device, chances are they’re using one of Prodigy’s solutions.

In boosting the capacity and potential of other enterprises, Prodigy itself has become a rising tech star. The company has twice been named one of Canada’s fastest-growing technology companies in the annual Deloitte Technology Fast 50 awards. Last year, Prodigy also ranked 12th on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 ranking for all of North America.

The company has veteran leadership. Prodigy was founded by CEO Tom Beckerman, who has more than 35 years in senior leadership roles. He played instrumental roles in the development and success of seven other companies (involved in technology, marketing services, financial information and medical devices). Company president Jeff Watts has a track record of scaling technology businesses, and brought to Prodigy over 25 years of global experience in direct sales, channels, marketing, and business and corporate development

For his part, Kieran has deep experience in technology architecture, design and development. Every day the products and projects differ, but for Prodigy the challenge remains the same.

“In the lab we ideate and come to market with technologies that are ahead of the curve,” says Kieran. “We’re looking for things that are disruptive in the market and add real value.”

Photo credit Zlatko Cetinic, Images Made Real