Ambience Data builds hardware devices and software platforms that collect and analyze local environmental data. These tools provide detailed information on pollution at a local level. Citizens, businesses, municipalities, farms, hospitals, and research organizations can use the information provided by Ambience Data to determine what environmental factors they are dealing with, making it easier to combat respiratory issues and other environmental concerns.

Ambience Data tools help people understand what is in the air they are breathing, at a hyper-local level. This data can help policy advisors and city officials plan environments and reduce pollution and smog, for example. The information is also important for hospitals and research facilities, as well as many other organizations.

Toronto’s strong and diverse startup ecosystem was the draw for Ambience Data founder and CEO Nisha Sarveswaran. The skilled talent pool, made up of people from many diverse backgrounds and experiences, gave the company several business opportunities. This, combined with the supportive environment of organizations such as MaRS, has helped the company grow.