Written by Stuart Foxman

In the business world, Jennifer Love sees a common ailment. It’s one that tends to afflict women in greater numbers, she says: a confidence epidemic.

“Women need to be celebrated and supported more,” says Love.

She does it as CEO of One More Woman, an educational, training and consulting platform (onemorewoman.com/).

One More Woman helps its members to grow as leaders, better manage money, and take their companies in the direction to reach the seven-, eight- and nine-figure marks in revenue. The movement has members all across North America, including Toronto. Love is on a mission to lead 10 million female entrepreneurs beyond $1 million a year.

Love says that women can have complex feelings about money. How they make it and spend it can be surrounded by psychological and emotional issues, says Love. She says even women who’ve made millions can sometimes have guilt over their success.

With One More Woman, Love helps women to work through those issues, and value their worth appropriately. Members also get training in practical skills, like how to use debt in business, how to read a profit and loss statement, putting a budget together, and taxes.

“Metrics and numbers are the things that tell us when to turn the steering wheel a bit,” says Love. “We’re helping them understand how to use metrics as an information guide to grow and run their business.”

One More Woman’s services vary. A year-long membership includes training every week (with advisory calls), and a chance to partner up with other women in business to talk through things like strategy and planning.

Before people can even join the program, they go through a “rewrite your money” process, which includes a session with a money therapist.

For those members who’ve surpassed $1 million in revenue, One More Woman offers more advanced leadership development, and access to deep dive strategies.

Love is an acclaimed entrepreneur, business strategist, advisor and speaker, and has degrees in organizational behaviour and psychology. She wants female entrepreneurs to take the stress out of money, so they can raise, make, manage and give away more of it.

Just having a supportive group of women to lean on can make a huge difference for any woman. “The community alone can really begin to transform her and shift the confidence level,” says Love.

Photo credit: Miranda Kelton