Written by David Silverberg

When Brandon Law, 21, looked around the GTA's swimming-class offerings, he got frustrated. “Most swim instruction programs are run in groups of over five children,” he says. “I wanted to only teach students on a one-on-one basis.”

How does his company Law of Swimming set itself apart from the competition? Law explains: “While traditional swim schools use repetition to teach their students, I create a customized swim curriculum which incorporates strengthening exercises to improve on the student's weakness and drills which break up complex movements.”

He notes that by teaching students one-on-one, “this process allows me to concentrate all my efforts on breaking down the strokes into different progressions that is well suited for the student. ” After all, repeating the same swimming movements over and over doesn't do much but bore the student. 

Focusing on North York, Law has taught around 20 students within the year. His clients often spread the word about his classes, but he began marketing the business by flyering his building tenants, where he started to teach students via the building pool.

He notes that many students turn to Law of Swimming after having a negative experience with large swimming service providers. “They often complain about how there is hardly any time to swim during their group lessons and that their lesson format is fairly repetitive. Personally I like to challenge my students by isolating their weaknesses in each stroke and distilling them into difficult exercises for them,” says Law.

Now out of the Summer Company Program, Law has had time to reflect on what he found most valuable during those months. “The mentoring from the program taught me how to scale my business if I ever wanted to and opened my eyes to the opportunities of entrepreneurship,” he says.

One of his concern with starting a business included taking time to raise money to launch without stress. Adding to his financial workload was his McMaster University tuition due in the fall. “The program's funding provided me with a base of support that lessened my monetary concern,” Law says.

Law finds many facets of his business incredibly fulfilling, but he isolates one emotion he can't help but treasure: “When I teach these kids and they begin to swim better than anyone else their age, that reinforces my confidence in my teaching ability.”

Photo credit Zlatko Cetinic, Images Made Real