The Toronto Municipal Licensing & Standards Division is streamlining the application process for new business licences and permits.

The following changes are being introduced as of June 3rd, 2019:

  • All forms and application requirements will be available online at 
  • Applications will not be accepted unless all documents are submitted

Currently, business licence/permit applicants must come to the ML&S Licensing Office for forms and an application requirement checklist. Most then have to come back a second time to submit the required documents. Applications and fees are also currently accepted even if a supporting document is pending. This results in a situation where clients then need to come back again to submit supporting documents or staff are required to track them down and follow-up.

As a result of the changes, repeat visits will be reduced. Clients will still need to come in and submit their complete application package in person at the Licensing Office. However, they will now only need to come in once, compared to the multiple visits they need to make right now.

This will reduce wait times as lines will move faster as repeat visits decrease. It will also and help people get their licences and permits faster as staff time will be freed up.

The new business licence application process will not apply to taxicab and limousine owners and operators, or business licence renewals.