Free money!

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk government grants. There are over 4,500 grant and incentive programs available for Canadian businesses valued at about $26 billion. But so many of them – and all that sweet, sweet cash – go unused.

Why? The grant process is oblique and confusing! The right grant and incentive for your business can be hard to find! Many entrepreneurs in early-stage businesses would rather chase the sure dollar than fill out a bunch of forms and hope for the best!

Thankfully, Erin Bury – Queen of the Grant, as she tells me not to call her – has great experience in navigating these frothy waters, and she’s provided all the relevant tips on this week’s CanCon podcast.

There are other ways to get money, of course. Selling your business is one route. But what if you’re being “harassed” into selling by your investors, as was recently alleged in a story BetaKit broke about EVP and Uken Games?

When is okay for an investor to ask their portfolio company to sell? When is it not okay? Matt Roberts, Partner at Candian VC firm ScaleUp Ventures, joins to help kick the hornet’s nest.

4,500 grants and incentives programs for businesses and other organizations valued at about $26-billion a year in Canada

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