Collision is North America's fastest growing tech conference. It is the North American version of a series of global tech conferences that includes Web Summit (Europe), RISE (China) and SURGE (India). Each year, Collision attracts over 30,000 leaders from the technology community and brings together more than 3,000 CEOs and over 4,500 companies from 110 plus countries.

The conference has been held in New Orleans since 2016, but its organizers are looking for a new city to host Collision, starting in 2019. The goal is to find a larger and more globally-connected city to become the new home of Collision.

Toronto could be that new home.

Paddy Cosgrave, co-founder and CEO of Web Summit and Collision conferences recently wrote about the possibility of Collision moving to Toronto.

Canada to some extent has lived in the technology shadow of America. But that’s changing and changing fast.

A new wave of Canadian founders are building companies not just out of Canada but all over the world. From Shopify to Cloudflare, there’s a new generation blazing a global trail. Google’s AI visionary, Geoff Hinton, is based in Toronto, not Silicon Valley.

Then there’s the sense of community.

At the very moment when some countries around the world seem to be shutting their borders, when intolerance is on the rise, Toronto stands for something very different. If the statistics are to be believed, Toronto is of the most multicultural and diverse city on the planet. That matters a lot in today’s world.

Collision wants to be in their new location for May 2019 and is looking for a three-year agreement. Toronto is the only Canadian city being considered.

The organizers of Collision want to hear from the community and receive input on their future move. They have set up an online vote to get feedback on which city Collision should call its home. The vote can be found at: