Georgette Packaging is a one-stop-shop for beautifully designed custom packaging for small businesses. Founder, Sarah Landstreet, recognized the need for quality branded packaging for small businesses when she owned her own bakery in Northern Ireland. Returning to Canada, Sarah started Georgette Packaging to help small business owners avoid the hassle of juggling multiple manufacturer and designer contracts for unique custom packaging.

The Georgette Packaging team recently graduated from the Velocity Garage startup incubator and moved into their own office space in downtown Kitchener. Leaving the Garage behind, we had the chance to catch up with Sarah on her experiences with Velocity.

What brought on the decision to move out of Velocity?

We were looking forward to having our own space, where we could focus and develop our own atmosphere and sense of self as a company. It helps that we can control the acoustics, light and everything we need to be comfy too – I underestimated how incredibly important and different that is for every company.

What future goals do you wish to accomplish after your time at Velocity?

We wish to grow ad infinitum.

Where was your company at when you joined Velocity, and how has it grown since then?

When I joined Velocity a year and a half ago, I was the only Georgette. We’re now six people, and our sales have increased about sevenfold. We’ve been to Y Combinator and back, tripled our product line, and built an internal design team. We even have matching baseball hats now.

What will you miss most about Velocity, and what are you looking forward to about your new workspace?

It was great being around other founders in the Garage, sharing ideas and problems with them. We’re just a block away, but that’s enough to make conversations need planning. We love the wonderful daylight and fresh air in our new space… we’re hosting a tiki-themed office warming party this week to celebrate!

If you could give Velocity companies parting advice, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to get on the phone and do sales! Businesses all need to make money!!

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They also have an Instagram account which features tons of baked goods you don’t want to miss.