Get your application forms ready. The federal government has announced it has $25 million to spend on projects that advance women entrepreneurs, and it is calling for non-profit organizations to step up with proposals for funding.

The government is looking to fund projects that focus on diverse or underserved women entrepreneurs and are led by non-profit bodies such as innovation hubs, accelerators, Indigenous groups and other business or entrepreneur support organizations. Applicants must have been operating for at least a year and have a plan that includes a mentorship or networking component to help entrepreneurs build the skills they need to grow their businesses. Ottawa says it wants to support projects that are national or at least multi-regional in scope.

Applications to the Women Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Fund are open until March 15, and an online information session will be held on January 19.

The fund was launched in 2018 and has so far spent more than $100 million on 52 projects. Applicants that received funding in the 2018 round are not eligible to apply this time.

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