We’re rapidly approaching the end of the year, which is normally the time when the CanCon podcast poses an existential question as to whether tech is aiding the progress of humanity or impeding it.

This year we’re doing something a little different. Holiday tech gift recommendations! Let’s fill that hole in our hearts with capitalism (and a new drone!).

You might even purchase some of our tech recommendations on Boxing Day, when you’re wandering around a mall with your family looking for sweet deals. It’s more likely, however, that you got most, if not all, of your holiday shopping done between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

That’s great news for Shopify, which handled 10 percent of all Black Friday/Cyber Monday online sales. The uptick in online over brick-and-mortar purchases is bad news for delivery infrastructure and striking postal workers. It also means the 110 inches worth of TVs I accidentally purchased got lost in Calgary.

Happy Holidays!

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