Startup Boost works with early stage startups to help prepare them for the next steps into either Accelerators or seed investment.

Startup Boost is launching in Austin, Detroit, Dublin, Los Angeles, London and Toronto in October 2017.  Eight startups in each city will be selected for the six-week program, which includes hands-on mentorship and weekly talks from experienced subject matter experts.

The Toronto program runs between October 10 and November 21, 2017. The deadline to apply is September 26, 2017. Applications can be found on the Startup Boost website.

Graduates of the Toronto Startup Boost Program will qualify for a $5,000 grant as part of the Province of Ontario and City of Toronto’s Starter Company Plus Program.

Startup Boost has partnered with accelerator programs to screen and prepare startups for their programs. Startup Boost also works to prepare teams for investment through business model refinement & connections, and helps put startups on a scalable revenue trajectory.

Startups will get to work through their business model with experts and receive help with weekly pitch and presentation training to improve communication and value proposition.

The program includes one-on-one mentorship with serial entrepreneurs and investors. It also provides participating startups with tools and strategies to help them focus on specific priorities to advance their businesses. Startup Boost also connects startups with the top accelerators, seed investors, and industry partners.

After the program, the Startup Boost HQ team provides post-program opportunities, that include investor introductions and events to help alumni succeed.

Startup Boost is currently being headed by TWG’s Tom Walsham and Oksana Salamaszek, two past Startup Next directors, and Multiplicity co-founder Chris Kay. 

Applications for the October 2018 cohort program are available on the website.