Startup in Residence connects governments with startups to solve government-led civic challenges. Through November 14, Startup in Residence is looking for startups from around the world to apply to the 80+ challenges across areas such as mobility, civic engagement, IoT, and more.

Challenges that are currently looking for innovative solutions include:

  • Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada:
    • Develop a dashboard for traffic conditions around arterials. Learn more
  • Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada:
  • City of Fremont:
    • Tool for traffic incident communication between city staff and drivers. Learn more
  • City of San Jose:
    • Data management platform for staff to manage their affordable housing portfolio. Learn more
  • City of San Jose:
    • Asset management and booking platform for advertising banners on streetlight poles. Learn more

Organizations that can solve those challenges are invited to apply online at: 

During the 16-week mostly remote program, startups work with government partners to understand a government-identified problem.  Through a streamlined procurement process, startups develop solutions for government agencies with a expedited pathway to implementation.

Benefits of the program include: 

  • Expedited procurement process: The program incorporates a streamlined procurement process, which means that startups can respond to an RFP in less than one hour and contracts can be executed immediately following the residency.
  • Deep Customer Insights: Throughout the residency, startups have a dedicated project manager from a government department to collaborate with on the project. The program incorporates four weeks for user research and four weeks for product testing, giving startups an in-depth understanding of the challenge the government partner faces.
  • Access to STIR’s Government Network: Participation in the program gives startups access to the 30+ members of our government network.

More information is available at