Most tech trends, one way or another, eventually make their way to Canada. The latest, if recent investments by Uber and Google Ventures are any indication, is in electric scooter rentals – a craze currently sweeping across SF like a virus in an anti-vaxxer (the social antibodies are doing their best, however).

What’s the reason? Is it a deep-seeded hunger for “new modalities” covering that “last mile” of transportation? The continued embracing of trends led by Chinese entrepreneurs? Maybe it’s something more simple than that.

Take the ‘transit pod’, for example. It’s a new product in development by Lime – an enclosed, electric vehicle that would drive on city streets at up to 64 kilometres an hour. When is a car not a car? When it’s built to skirt a city’s laws, regulations, and good sense. True disruption!

Speaking of disruption, Dell (CanCon’s presenting sponsor!) recently hosted its annual DWEN conference in Canada for the first time. Along with it came a new report outlining how Toronto can disrupt the status quo and better support women entrepreneurs. Sarah Stockdale joins the CanCon crew to explain why We Need to Talk About This.

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