The Art of The Fail podcast is an un-edited show (both audio and video) based out of Toronto. It features real, raw and unfiltered conversations with entrepreneurs and innovators.

This new podcast – hosted by Chris Buttenham (founder, CEO of and Kristian Borghesan (co-founder, Head of Growth at Bruha) – addresses failures head on, while providing a platform to remove the stigma around failing and highlighting the importance of it.

“In a time where the barrier to entry (in almost anything) is the lowest it's ever been, we seem to have created a culture of instant gratification. That's no new topic, but what I think is underserved is sharing real failures—even when they're happening, in the hopes of educating people of the realities that certain roles, jobs, or careers hold” says Chris Buttenham.  

Kristian Borghesan adds “The irony of the whole thing might be that in order to really gain from failure, you might have to experience it yourself. The human brain is funny that way. So despite having good intentions of creating lots of unique value with the podcast, we hope at the very least these conversations are entertaining.” 

Season Two has already started and recently launched on July 19th, 2018. Weekly episodes come out every Thursday.

Recent episodes include the likes of Sanjay Singhal and Sheetal Jaitly with many well-known, notable guests being interviewed in later episodes of this current season.  

Chris and Kris (no mistake there) started The Art of The Fail last year (September 30th, 2017) through inspiration of their own entrepreneurial experiences and specifically learning from the failures and stories of other individuals they looked up to.

You can find The Art of The Fail podcast on nearly every podcast directory and notably on YouTube, iTunes, Google, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. 

Learn more and listen to the most recent episodes at