Toronto has been ranked as the top city in Canada for its startup ecosystem, according to a global report by Swiss-based startup StartupBlink.

In the global rankings, Toronto placed just outside the top ten startup ecosystems in the world, coming in at number eleven. Other Canadian cities on the top 50 list include Vancouver at 19 and Montreal at 34.

Overall, Canada's ecosystem ranked third in the world, behind only the United States and the United Kingdom. 

The report measures the startup ecosystem strength and activity levels of each location, and includes more than just startups. When generating the report, StartupBlink also took into account other critical players in a startup ecosystem, such as Coworking spaces, Accelerators, Tech Reporters, and Startup Organizations. 

The rankings are generated using only quantifiable data, to ensure accuracy and objectivity. The score for each location was determined by the same mathematical calculation, with no additions or customization. 

When discussing its global startup ranking of countries, the report speculates that Canada “might ​soon ​grab ​the ​second ​spot ​on ​the ​list” and took note of the fact that, unlike the UK, three major hubs (Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal) all contribute to the strength of the country's ecosystem. 

The full report can be found here.